About Us

Are you tired of the same old scents? Have you worn the same perfume/cologne/body spray for too long? That was the case with our founder Mike. He had been wearing the same fragrance for so long that it became automatic, routine, boring... One day, mid-spray, he thought there has to be a better way. After trying many other products, nothing was the right fit. So he decided to do it himself.
Gear 5 Body Spray started September 1st, 2021 in London, Kentucky with the goal of producing high-quality, unique body sprays for those of us with an attitude. The mission was to keep it simple: make 5, carefully blended fragrances to cover a spectrum of tastes. Kentucky proud, every batch is blended, individually poured, and labeled by hand.
Whether you're looking for soft femme tones, masculine scents or something in between, we've got you covered!
Thank you for checking out Gear 5!
Shake it, Spray it!